The access control system for digital construction sites

Smart site protection only with OPTICON.Access

Ensuring presence authorization and securing your construction site with one software in a customs-compliant and paperless manner: OPTICON.SITE offers the state-of-the-art access control system OPTICON.Access, which combines the digitalization of master data with presence detection and legitimation control and adds control electronics. Not only is OPTICON.Access easy to use anywhere thanks to wireless radio technology, but as a digital platform and the smart site badge, it also controls multifunctional hardware such as tripod barriers or gates at will – whether indoors or outdoors in the most remote locations: With OPTICON.Access you always play it safe on your construction site!


The OPTICON.SITE terminal can do more…

Digitally control all site accesses, open gates, close barriers: Any access control is possible with Access. We either supply you with the ready-assembled hardware from our range or connect our terminal to your on-site access points. For this access control system you only need electricity on site and thanks to modern radio technology your construction site becomes digital within 24h!

The smart construction site pass of tomorrow

We already guarantee customs-compliant construction documentation. But digitally linking legitimation documents with the construction site ID card – that’s new: The Access access control system automatically blocks access cards if legitimation documents lose their validity or minimum wage receipt has not been confirmed. Entry to the construction site is thus automatically prevented if necessary documents are missing. This automatically results in a new check by the security personnel: This is how tomorrow’s smart construction site control works!

Control times and rights for access

With the Access control system, you can control all access points and access routes in a resource-efficient and simple way: With one click, you can assign access rights and define individual access times for each access point on the construction site. Utilization and frequency of all access points are in your hands: With OPTICON.Access, you are in control and will never let go!

Play it safe now with the OPTICON.Access access control system on your construction project