Lean Construction

WSS-IT – the company behind OPTICON.SITE

WSS-IT GmbH transforms construction site processes for your smart lean construction management into the 21st century. Extensive know-how in software and IT infrastructure combined with experience in smart construction site processes has resulted in the OPTICON.SITE product. With it, WSS-IT contributes to the global and simple management of companies and personnel on construction sites in a smart and resource-efficient way. In this way, planning and execution of construction projects are realized digitally and BIM twin-enabled. The digitization of the construction industry for your Lean Construction Management succeeds with WSS-IT.

Digital participation as a goal of WSS-IT

Digitization only succeeds when all stakeholders are integrated. OPTICON.SITE implements digital construction sites for your lean construction management throughout Europe:

  • Construction sites in the system: 77
  • Monitored access points: 120
  • Actively registered companies: 4359
  • Currently active access cards: 9130
  • Currently created employees: 63,839
  • Shifts by clocking in/out: 3,538,152

WSS-IT for your construction projects of tomorrow

The company creates flexibility and individualization around digital Lean Construction Management through its product OPTICON.SITE:

  • Delivery of a non-wired access control system through proprietary wireless technology
  • Relief for the building owner through optimal storage of customs-relevant evidence
  • Support of security guards through real-time data from the construction site
  • Involvement of companies and employees
  • Ability to also implement individual functions and algorithms
  • Digitize industry-specific processes

Increase your own quality with the experience of WSS-IT

With WSS-IT you secure an extensive wealth of experience for the digital implementation of your Lean Construction Management. In total, the company has a scope of

  • 50 years in IT, digitalization and software development,
  • 25 years in the construction industry, such as construction logistics, process and lean management
  • 15 years in mechatronics and electrical engineering, and
  • over 5 years in compliance and the financial industry

Design your digital construction project now together with WSS-IT