Job site software

With OPTICON.SITE to digital construction

The OPTICON.SITE software from the house of WSS-IT GmbH was developed under the highest quality standards and using the latest technologies for the construction industry. It simultaneously fulfills requirements of builders, watchmen and companies that have to interact with each other during the construction process. Together with OPTICON.SITE, every construction project succeeds digitally, securely and efficiently. Capture all essential data of the people and companies involved in the construction. OPTICON.SITE makes construction simply digital. OPTICON.SITE delivers various digital solutions to meet your requirements on the construction site around master data, attendance, access control and construction logistics in the most resource-saving and cost-effective way possible. Realize your construction projects with the modules of OPTICON.SITE and enjoy customs compliance, effort reduction and paperless documentation – for sustainable construction 4.0.


Manage master data with OPTICON.CORE

With Core, you get your DSGVO-compliant online platform to manage all companies and employees involved in construction per construction site, digitize documents, get a clear overview of contract awards in our company hierarchy, and best of all: subcontractors are almost automatically added to your construction project digitally using our smart invitation management. Building owners use the intelligent subcontractor management OPTICON.Core for resource-saving Construction 4.0.

Record attendance with OPTICON.Time

With Time and wireless technology, building owners and site supervisors get the peace of mind of digital attendance recording and customs-compliant employee documentation. This includes digital confirmation of each employee’s minimum wage receipt. An extra download area for various reports as PDF or Excel makes all activities and progress on your construction project transparent. And best of all: OPTICON.Core is completely inclusive and you are only one step away from perfect access control of your construction site. OPTICON.Time makes your construction project secure, evaluable and additionally increases your customs compliance with maximum transparency.

Designing access control with OPTICON.Access

Access controls access and access rights to the construction site and offers you absolute security that only employees of companies with a specific order enter your construction project. Digital assignment of rights offers you the advantage of controlling the utilization of accesses and driveways. With modern hardware and our wireless technology, we can remotely control turnstiles and barriers throughout Europe. With OPTICON.Access, you combine the comprehensive online platform for your digital construction site with the solution for the desired security of your accesses.

Construction logistics can be planned with OPTICON.Logistics

Logistics contains the master data maintenance of OPTICON.Core for you and links this data directly to the transports: Deliveries can be assigned directly to the companies active on the construction site. The possibility of precisely documenting delivered material provides you with additional security. You can create, edit, and reschedule transports, plan resources, and use the list export to inform those responsible for zones or access routes of everything that is about to happen. An optimal tool for your digital logistics management: as a multi-user portal, OPTICON.SITE also provides a module for digitizing your processes in the area of construction logistics. Be part of it right from the start and use OPTICON.Logistics or combine it with our other modules for your comprehensive construction documentation.

Digitize your construction project now according to your individual wishes.